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Edge Concrete LLC., prides itself in maintaining the utmost safety standards across our construction, fabrication, and design execution. Our dedicated safety coordinator is available full-time and constantly introducing improved safety features and solutions to maintain the well-being of our employees and visitors.

At Edge Concrete, we believe in prioritizing safety and ensure that all staff follow the correct procedures and guidelines. We go the extra mile to create a safe environment in which employees feel valued, and their professional needs are taken care of. Our safety practices support full creative freedom, design genius and the impeccable execution of our themed construction projects.

Owing to our dedication to safe standards and conducive work environments, we continue to establish a loyal client base. To ensure that all requests, including large fabrication projects, are managed, and produced with safety measures in place, we have invested in a large facility located in Lynnwood, WA.

Our purpose is to manage the safety requirements of our staff while adopting a collaborative client approach for successful and rewarding results.

Contact Our Safety Manager, Scott Mischenko, with Your Questions or Concerns:

Email: scott@edgeconcretellc.com

Phone: 425-563-9575