About Us

Our Passion is Concrete

At Edge Concrete WA we strive to deliver the best commercial site concrete work in Washington state. It all starts with the quality product we build, with the highest bar for success whether on a large or small-scale job. Everybody on our staff, from upper management to our team leaders in the field, understand the details of each job and truly care about the outcome of our product.

An equally important part of our offering is the relationships we build with each of our clients. We approach every job as an opportunity to build on a client partnership over time, resulting in a level of trust and personal attention that our clients won’t find elsewhere. We deliver what we promise, on-time and on-budget, making every step from proposal to completion uncomplicated and easy to manage.

What really drives Edge Concrete WA is our people. Successful teams are the outcome of a solid foundation, dedication to improve, hard work and professional development.  We’re committed to giving our staff ongoing professional development and always recognizing their successes. We are a team built on experience, where each member Is committed to doing things the right way the first time.

If you want industry-leading quality with a team you can trust, you want Edge Concrete WA.

“With Edge, they come in and do their work without needing a lot of oversight – this allows me time to focus on other tasks while knowing they’ll do a beautiful job.”

Jackson Buck / Superintendent, W.G. Clark Construction Co.

“Edge Concrete is awesome to work with both in the office and in the field. Their field superintendent and site foreman are hard workers who do awesome quality work. I would hire them again in a second.”

Eric Solem / Project Director, Exxel Pacific

Our History

Edge Concrete Construction, LLC was founded in 2003 by a team of skilled concrete artisans and construction experts. Our goal: to deliver premium commercial concrete services in western Washington.

Since then, we’ve followed through on that goal by always offering our clients state-of-the-art quality. We’ve developed long-lasting relationships with the region’s top contractors, who recognize us for the pride we take in our work. From mixed use projects to industrial facilities or public promenades, Edge Concrete WA will go above and beyond to guarantee the best results.

Edge Concrete WA

We pride ourselves on our ability to work together as a team. With careful cooperative planning and organization, we are able to execute and deliver beyond the expectations. What sets us apart from our competitors is that each team member is respected for their unique set of skills and their role in the company. At Edge Concrete WA, we are a team and a family.